Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Letter to fellow RPB poets after reading at Occupy SF

Letter to Fellow Poets after Occupy SF
Occupies Market Street

there was a wonderful crowd “occupying” the middle of the first couple of blocks of Market St, called there after the attack on the 101 Market free speech site early this morning. Daniel Ellsberg spoke, a great Brigade reading after that, very strong, great turnout of Brigadistas . . . tents pitched in the middle of Market, speakout, drums . . . trying to stay out there as late as possible to head off a sweep of the Justin Herman camp . . . one of the best readings the Brigade has done, in my opinion—live enthusiastic crowd—everyone their strongest, thru a bullhorn . . . amazing that we hit the date when we could really play our role (how prophetic, Jim Byron!), why we were founded, to be on the front lines of this blossoming young revolution. Daniel Ellsberg actually stayed thru our reading (& beyond) & listened (& he's no young thing & it was cold out there!) . . . i got a hug from him! we were there with our poetic fire & our banner . . . our new occupation. Brigade member, Skud, read his poem . . . everyone was so eloquent & on point . . . i hated to leave but was frozen & still have the flu . . . put good thoughts to the safety of the occupation, we don't want it attacked again . . . the outpouring of support for it was wonderful, and we were a strong part of that . . . love, sarah m

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