Friday, April 20, 2012

new poem from brigade member jimmy.mankind

The Mystery of Life.
the mystery of life is god.
do not be confused.
that is, you, me, them, we,
the elements in and around
are god.
whatever you don't know or don't get but like, love, want to tend, need to nurture
is god.
god is prevalent
in that we forget
spirit is a material issue here on Earth, where matter is immaterial.
god is the life force inherited from the wasted 
possibilities of the past.
god is soil, and where the clear waters run to
when they tire.
god is life, breath, care, love,
and we are god for knowing that.
the unDead seek to rule through their legacy of fear.
Seek the other.
follow the gleaning greening of life
the shimmery water which is sacred.
as our air and our breath.
we have work to engage our wild desires
and we learn to enjoy the process--
every step of the journey...
is laughter.  equal to any other.
to be happy before the victory is the victory.
for the laws of fear are past. they cannot allow 
happy again.
they sold their happiness.  yet
everyone can change: watch for new ideas:
and embrace what you feel of them.
remembering that the old ideas are what 
got us to here.
we are whole now
parts of a cell
we call ourselves
the Self.
we can still feel plan write talk 
watch the shadows as the weather changes.
our openness to change marks this step in human 
and makes us invincible.
love is opportunity
our only weapon is love.
it is what we wish to be and so wish it to be us now.
they'll push and we'll retreat leaving them flowers.
we'll teach.
we are already great because you are god and i am god, 
and i thank you for reminding me of that.
we are molecules in the same cell,
let's raise a cup of tea, coffee, water pure and simple for 
the people who surround us.
our next step is the beginning of our own dance.
you are the greatest thing
since sliced bread.
today is the best day of our lives:
yesterday's gone, and tomorrow a dream away.
you are the mystery of life.

this is that


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