Friday, February 10, 2012

New poem from © 02/07/12

I’m just sayin’…: 

1.  Violence would be to the advantage of the police who are activity reps for the powers of the corporate state. 
   Therefore, unruly behavior plays to their advantage.  We cannot win that one.  It is also bad PR, but more importantly, not many would choose to join up to get sprayed or beat up over staying home and watching on TV.   Or even after a while watching football for their dose.
2.  Violence is the cancer of adolescence.    
     We need the allegiance of octogenarians who do not ride bicycles.   This is also grannie's fight since she has a greater heart beat into the future than the single maverick athlete.
3.  Ideas are the next plateau anyway, since Occupy now has everyone's attention.   Ideas like: if you throw a war and nobody comes, it might stop.  Ideas like public banking.  And the moratorium on foreclosures.   The end of the internal combustion engine.  The irrelevance of a balanced budget in the face of mass starvation and homelessness, are only a few examples.
4.  Consensus, over census, is an unnecessary exaggeration of democratic agreement.   WE will need an internal opposition just to keep everyone apprised of alternatives and for corrections. 
5.  Some will want to break windows for their own reasons...but having one's own reasons all the time is one of the changes we’ll have to make.   Reason will become OUR reason as per OUR needs.
5.a. Robots have no votes and are inherently evil.
5.b. Robots foreclose upon census.
6.  Place is irrelevant.  Theirs or ours.   We need to speak everywhere, all the time, relentless, and as good as breathing.
7.  The next wars [after oil] will be fought over OXYGEN.
8.  Year of the dragon, year of success.   Marx, Mao, and Hegel are dead.  Study them for their failures not in order to emulate their successes...which were too easily twisted out of shape.  
9. The only god left is the god of survival, which means GAIA>she is the answer.   motherhood is the closest we'll ever get to empathy.   Study the Mother.   and finally...
#100. Have more fun than they do as we are neither pure sattvic nor karmic, but both all and nothing at all at one.
     we are grace.

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