Wednesday, February 1, 2012

poem by Revolutionary Poet Brigade Member: Mahnaz Badihian

Where is the body of the dead God

It is time for universe to hire a new God
With more education
More responsibility
And less demands from prayers!
And less real state in every street with no mortgages

We all hear the signs of revolt by forests
 Oceans, mountains and the sun
To hire a new God
A god who can run with us in the streets of solitude

A God who can sing with us on the streets of protest
The God that can see, can hear
 Can run and read “Das Kapital”

 May be the God we worship every day in a mosque
 In a church in our quiet moments
Is too old to see, to hear, and to act
May be the old age of thousand years
 Finally effecting his judgment
The God who has supper with criminal
That plays card with killers

Some say there is no God
Where is the body of the dead God 
Mahnaz Badihian(Oba) is a poet and translator with five publications. She is Editor-in-Chief of (Literary magazine in four languages).
Her work has been published into several languages worldwide, including Persian, Turkish, and Malayalam and Spanish. She also paints her poems.
Her publications include three volumes of poetry, and a translation of Pablo Neruda's Book of Questions into Persian. Mahnaz published “Poems of Protest”, an Anthology in Farsi .The English Translation of protest poems waiting to hear from publishers.  She will receive her MFA in poetry in June 2012. 

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  1. Mahnaz read this poem at The Readers Cafe last Thursday, and it was much appreciated. In fact she gave a brilliant reading, and those of us privileged to hear it were impressed and energized. Thank you, Mahnaz.

    Agneta Falk